Quito Cathedral

The Primate Cathedral of Quito is one of the most important churches in the city, know more about it and its historic ceremony.

Cathedral Church

It is one of the oldest temples in South America and the pride of the Historic Center of Quito. Its construction has styles such as Baroque, Mudejar, Rococo, Neo-Gothic and Neoclassical. It has an important collection of works of art such as: "La sábana santa", one of the most intense works of Caspicara; "La Muerte de la Virgen" by Miguel de Santiago and "La negación de San Pedro", among other important colonial paintings.

Cathedral Quito Ecuador

The Trawl of Caudas

It's a historic ceremony held by the Romans that was later taken to the Spanish city of Seville. Quito is one of the last cities in the Latin American Catholic world to perform this ceremony until today. It is a Catholic liturgical celebration called "a funeral apotheosis of the Redemptive Cross". This is because part of the religious ceremony is performed with a fragment of the "True Cross", a relic that is jealously guarded by the religious.

The word "Review" was taken from the meaning of "troop magazine" in ancient Rome. On this occasion the field general was the Archbishop of Quito, Fausto Trávez, who dressed in the garments of the religious (cape, bonnet covered by the cowl, chasuble, dawn and cincture) gave a view of the interior of the Cathedral to recognize its soldiers in religion.

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